Service Guarantee

Professional international sales team.
Abundant generator business professional and export experience.
The service team will respond quickly to your questions.
Our services include:
● Technical and product support ● Design support ● Testing
● Training ● Spare parts service  ● Maintenance service

Warranty and maintenance

All power products and accessories users will enjoy warranty maintenance free of charge. Each of our products covers at least 1000 hours of operation time or 12 months of warranty service.

Our service department will take full responsibility and quickly support every technical issue, repair or replace your generator and provide solutions.

We cover all repair costs
In the warranty area, no replacement replacement costs and any other costs incurred.

Fast response time
Our after-sales service will quickly respond to your requirements, in the fastest time for parts replacement and maintenance, commissioning, to ensure that the unit quickly resume normal operation.

Damage is not covered by the warranty:
– Accident-induced operation, improper operation or unauthorized modification does not apply to the scope of the warranty. Force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, floods, wars, or other disasters does not apply to warranty service. Damage caused by modification, replacement of spare parts, replacement of cover, engine, alternator, chassis.
– Damage caused by improper maintenance or improper maintenance of unauthorized service agents.
– Damage caused by shipping, improper installation or unauthorized repairs. The attachment or product violates the law or is obviously maliciously used.
– Poor maintenance. It cannot be maintained due to manual guidance.
– Incorrect repairs caused directly or indirectly, and resulting direct damage caused by faults and damages are not covered by the warranty.
– Cannot provide the required Long Kai product warranty document
– Consumables such as belts, batteries, engine oil, antifreeze, and anti-corrosion filters are not covered by the warranty.
– The warranty does not include economic loss or additional expenses caused by genetic factors.

In accordance with the correct operation of the operation manual, the operator also needs to regularly check, adjust and clean all the components so that it can be run and maintained smoothly, so that the machine has a long service life. In addition, regular maintenance and repair help to prevent early tearing and wear of all parts.

For details, please consult our customer service department at or call 0086-13959393353