Events & Rentals

For large events, the high load of on-site air conditioning and broadcast systems consumes a huge amount of power, so an efficient and continuous power supply is essential. As a project organizer who attaches importance to the audience experience and mood, it is very important to do a good job of guaranteeing the emergency backup […]


Everyone knows that when hospitals are not functioning due to an outage, they place the lives of patients, staff members, and visitors at risk. What administrators and facility managers often do not realize is that during a time of crisis, a lit hospital is like a beacon to residents. Many visitors won’t leave and many […]

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas extraction sites are very demanding environments, requiring a powerful and reliable electricity supply for equipment and heavy processes. The diversity of extraction sites requires using equipment designed for difficult environments, as much in terms of temperature as humidity or dust. PLUS POWER has industry-leading products to meet the demanding needs of your […]


Educational facilities can face weather events, grid failures, or potential threats from outside parties. Power outages can cripple schools with impacts on class schedules, as well as the potential for data loss and critical equipment damage. For universities, this could mean losing thousands of dollars and countless hours of student and faculty time should heating/cooling […]


Natural disasters, aging electrical infrastructure, and accidents attributed to human error are all significant contributors to loss of power to municipalities, residents, and industry. Installing a backup power supply is the obvious answer. There is more than one option when installing a backup power supply. Solar energy is an expensive solution that requires the use […]

Hotel & Shop

An investment in standby power is an investment in ensuring your business continuity. Serious power outages are a part of modern life. During the most recent five-year period, these outages increased by 58%. It doesn’t take much, and the cost is enormous: tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue by commercial businesses each year, […]

Data Center

In recent years, under the attention of various industries, the number of data centers has increased, and under the rapidly expanding data requirements, the scale of data centers has also increased. The data center is a critical infrastructure for many organizations. In the event of an emergency power outage, an innocent power outage of just […]


Cell tower space is becoming crowded with so many other industries vying for rented space. You need backup telecom generators that can deliver the needed kWs, while fitting into a smaller footprint. PLUS POWER provides rugged diesel generators to provide standby power for telecom needs. They work well with critical power components such as UPS […]